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Below are some of Dr. Amol Navathe's available media features. All listings are hyperlinked to direct interested readers, website viewers, and/or listeners to the appropriate outlet.

Orthopedists uniquely positioned to guide value-based care
Posted on: January, 2024
Orthopedics Today

In this article about the potential around value-based care in Orthopedics, Amol Navathe is quoted saying “Value-based payment offers an opportunity for incentive alignment and improvement on the efficiency and value of care.”

Why Are Nonprofit Hospitals Focused More on Dollars Than Patients?
Posted on: November, 2023
New York Times

The New York Times has published several articles about nonprofit hospitals over the past year. None has offered a solution or path forward. In this article, Amol Navathe presents his goal to activate nonprofit health system boards of directors for the common good - to stimulate a dialogue about governance rather than…

Are We Ready to Care for Our Aging Population?
Posted on: May, 2023
Philly Mag

There’s a seismic shift of Americans going into retirement by 2030. They’ll need more medical care as they age — and the resources to pay for it.

Plan to Fix Exchange Risk Adjustment Model Could Come at Cost
Posted on: January, 2022
Modern Healthcare Logo

This Modern Healthcare article by Maya Goldman, reports on planned changes to the CMS risk adjustment formula for health insurance exchange carriers. Dr. Amol Navathe is quoted discussing the gravity and potential impact of making adjustments to the model.

MedPAC considers one-time funding boosts for Medicare in 2023 due to COVID-19 confusion
Posted on: September, 2021
Fierce Healthcare

In this Fierce Healthcare article by Robert King, Dr. Navathe is quoted describing the difficulties of interpreting changes in healthcare use data in 2020.

CMS needs to get beneficiaries involved in value-based care, experts say
Posted on: September, 2021
Modern Healthcare Logo


In this Modern Healthcare article by Michael Brady, Dr. Amol Navathe comments on the importance of taking the individual beneficiary's perspective into account when designing value-based care models.

Combining value-based payments can deliver better results, study finds
Posted on: August, 2021
Modern Healthcare Logo


In this Modern Healthcare article, Michael Brady reviews the recent publication in JAMA Health Network by Dr. Amol Navathe, Dr. Joshua Liao and Erkuan Wang. Brady highlights the study's findings about the additive effects of overlapping ACO and Bundled Payment models.

Why Are Kids With Summer Birthdays More Likely to Get the Flu?
Posted on: August, 2021
Freakonomics MD Logo

In this podcast, with host Dr. Bapu Jena, Dr. Amol Navathe comments on the importance of flu shots for children and the negative ripple effects of forgoing vaccination.

Physician comp is crucial to value-based care. Getting it right is hard.
Posted on: August, 2021
Modern Healthcare Logo

In this Modern Healthcare article by Michael Brady, Dr. Amol Navathe comments on the design for value-based care models and their impact on physicians.

One Health-Care Company’s Audacious Plan to Lower Costs—and Still Turn a Profit
Posted on: July, 2021
Bloomberg Buisinessweek

In this Bloomberg Businessweek article about Oak Street Health Inc. clinics by John Tozzi, Dr. Navathe is quoted in the explanation of how the bundled payment model can work to improve investment in patient care.