Our Publications

Below are all available peer-reviewed research publications authored by Dr. Amol S. Navathe, MD, PhD, The Parity Center, and/or our associated collaborators.

Health Care Payers COVID-19 Impact Assessment: Lessons Learned and Compelling Needs: Discussion Paper

Read Publication National Academy of Medicine

McClellan M, Rajkumar R, Couch M, Holder D, Long P, Medows R, Navathe A, Pham M, Sandy L, Shrank W, Smith M.

Designing a Successful Primary Care Physician Capitation Model

Read Publication JAMA

Emanuel EJ, Mostashari F, Navathe AS.

Between-Community Low-Income Status and Inclusion in Mandatory Bundled Payments in Medicare's Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Model

Read Publication JAMA Netw Open

Liao JM, Huang Q, Ibrahim SA, Connolly J, Cousins DS, Zhu J, Navathe AS.

Nationwide Hospital Performance on Publicly Reported Episode Spending Measures

Read Publication J Hosp Med

Liao JM, Zhou L, Navathe AS.

Overcoming the Market Dominance of Hospitals - Viewpoint

Read Publication JAMA

Kocher RP, Shah S, Navathe AS.

A machine learning approach to identify distinct subgroups of veterans at risk for hospitalization or death using administrative and electronic health record data

Read Publication PLoS One

Parikh R, Linn KA, Yan J, Maciejewski ML, Rosland A, Volpp KG, Groeneveld PW, Navathe AS.

Overlap Between Medicare's Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Program and Accountable Care Organizations

Read Publication J Arthroplasty

Liao JM, Shan EZ, Zhao Y, Shah Y, Cousins DS, Navathe AS.

Making a Dent in the Trillion-Dollar Problem: Toward Zero Defects

Read Publication NEJM Catalyst Innovation in Care Delivery

Pronovost PJ, Urwin JW, Beck E, Coran JJ,  Sundaramoorthy A, Schario ME, Muisyo JM, Sague J, Shea S, Runnels P, Zeiger T, Topalsky G, Wilhelm A, Palakodeti S, Navathe AS.

Spillover Effects of Medicare's Voluntary Bundled Payments for Joint Replacement Surgery to Patients Insured by Commercial Health Plans

Read Publication Annals of Internal Medicine

Navathe AS, Liao JM, Linn KA, Zhang KA,Mishra A, Wang R, Dinh CT, Zhu J, Cousins DS, Lindner J, Emanuel EJ

Medicare Payment Reform's Next Decade: A Strategic Plan for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation

Read Publication Health Affairs

Navathe AS, Emanuel EJ, Glied S, Mostashari F, Kocher B